Ismail Ali - Founder & CEO

Ismail Ali, founded Alié Moisture in 2019. Frustrated with the limited options available for textured hair, Ismail invested 3500 SEK from part-time jobs and built an award-winning haircare brand.

We are more than just a haircare brand.

Alié Moisture is on a mission to make a difference on a global level. We are not only revolutionizing the haircare industry, but we are also fighting against injustice. We believe that everyone deserves to have access to quality haircare products that are designed for their unique needs.

Picture: Jonas Saddique

Our History - Europe's First

At Alié Moisture, we understand the unique needs of textured hair. That's why we're proud to be Europe's first hair care brand focused on curly hairtech and advanced techniques for repairing damaged hair. Our founder, Ismail Ali, created Alié Moisture in 2019 to address his own struggles finding high-quality hair products that catered specifically to textured hair. He poured his heart and soul into developing the finest, all-natural formulas to achieve healthier, stronger, and thicker curls. Our beloved Leave-in Conditioner sold out 50 times in the first week!

We're more than just a hair care brand. Our mission is to champion inclusive beauty standards and to create a world where textured hair is embraced and celebrated. That's why we prioritize natural growth and use advanced techniques to help you achieve your best hair yet. We want you to feel confident and beautiful every day, no matter what your hair looks like.

Join us on our journey and experience the future of hair care.

- Ismail Ali, CEO and Founder.